Simulator Partner: Yoskies Aviation – Young Learners Aviation Academy

At Yoskies Aviation Centre, we provide top-notch flight training and simulation services to aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, and aviation professionals.

Our centre is equipped with the latest technology and the best equipment to ensure that your experience is both safe and memorable. We have set up Pune’s first Airbus A320 and Cessna 172 procedural simulators.

Our state-of-the-art simulators are designed to replicate real-world flight scenarios. Whether you are an experienced pilot looking to improve your skills or a novice wanting to experience the thrill of flying, we have programs crafted specific to your needs. For beginners, we offer Cessna and Airbus A320 training programs. For trainee pilots, we provide IFR training on Cessna 172 as well as Pre and Post-type Ratings on Airbus A320 (currently) and Boeing 737 (upcoming).