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An exciting but demanding career option in Aviation.
This is the first big step for anyone aspiring to get into an airline flight deck
You learn to fly single and multi-engine aircrafts in India or in the US
Pilots fly all over the world and acquire a range of skills & knowledge
Also, Pilots are among the highest-paid professionals in the world.
The soaring demand for skilled pilots means endless opportunities in government, private airlines, charter operations, aerial surveys, and more.

CPL grants you DGCA’s prestigious license, making you the Pilot in Command of any aircraft.

2th Grade Qualification: Must have passed 12th standard with Maths & Physics or possess a 3-year engineering diploma from a recognized board/university.
Age Requirement: Minimum age of 17 years or above.
Medical Fitness: Candidates must meet the medical standards set by DGCA.

From Ground Classes to Commercial Pilot License takes about 18 to 24 months.
Ground Classes for DGCA exams
Single + Multi-engine flying training for 200 hrs

Lucrative Career with India’s leading Airlines (Air India, Indigo) ordering 1000+ Aircrafts, leading to a huge demand for CPL holders.
Salaries as Jr. First Officer starts at Rs. 2.4 lacs/ month
Salaries as Commanders earn 7 to 8 lacs/month.

Diverse Job Opportunities:
Commercial Airlines
Charter Operations
Cargo Operations
Flight School Instructors
Ground School Instructors
BSF/ Coast Guard
Simulator Instructors

Student Testimonials

For anyone aspiring to be a commercial pilot, YLAA's CPL program is a game-changer. The demand for skilled pilots is indeed soaring, and I'm grateful for the thorough training I received. I now enjoy a lucrative career in the aviation sector.
Diya Bhosle
The CPL program at YLAA is the gateway to a thrilling career in aviation. The diverse job opportunities after completing the course are incredible. I opted to become an airline pilot, and I'm living my dream, thanks to YLAA!
female student 3
Nisha Rane
YLAA's CPL program opened doors to a world of possibilities. The comprehensive expertise gained during the course made me feel confident in any flying situation. Today, I am soaring as a co-pilot, and I owe it all to YLAA!
Priya Jadhav
YLAA's CPL course gave me the foundation to become a commercial pilot, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The industry is growing rapidly, and the prospects for CPL holders are fantastic. The journey to the skies
truly starts here!
Vikram Mhatre
Choosing YLAA for my CPL training was the best decision I ever made. The program's versatility prepared me for a range of exciting opportunities in the aviation industry. I now hold the prestigious DGCA license and enjoy the thrill of every flight.
Rahul Gaikwad
Enrolling in YLAA's CPL program was a life-changing experience. The duration was just right, and the breakdown of ground training, simulator training, and flying training was spot-on.
I'm now a chief pilot with a rewarding career
in the aviation industry.
Ravi Sawant

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